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    Confluent Certified Developer for Apache Kafka

    April 2019 – Present License 

    see certificate

    Corda Certified Developer

    November 2018 – Present License 

      see certificate

    MapR Certified Spark Developer 1.6

    Mar 2018 – Present License . husx4bqnj7vf

        see certificate

    MapR Certified Cluster Administrator 5.1 (MCCA)

    Feb 2018 – Present License bjptgprzhppo

        see certificate

    Certificate of Completion, Deep Learning Training Using DL4J

    Feb 2017 – Present License CREDLY-14511379

        see certificate

    Cloudera Data Analyst (CCA 159)

    Jan 2017 – Present License 100-014-646

    see certificate

    O'Reilly Databricks Spark certification

    Apr 2016 – Present License 1.x–0478

    CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer

    Mar 2016 – Present License 100-014-646

    see certificate

    Cloudera Certified Specialist in Apache HBase (CCSHB)

    Nov 2015 – Present License 100-014-646

    see certificate

    Cloudera Certified Administrator for Apache Hadoop (CCAH)

    Apr 2015 – Present License 100-011-924

    see certificate

    Cloudera Certified Developer for Apache Hadoop (CCDH)

    Jan 2015 – Present License 100-011-924

    see certificate

    Google Certified Professional - Data Engineer

    May 2017 – May 2019 License rDgzo8

    see certificate

    Cloudera Data Engineer (CCP DE 575) 4 hours Hands-on Attempted (5 Passed out of 7)

    Bhavuk Chawla

    Bhavuk Chawla is an experienced Technology Instructor in Software Architecture, Design and Development for more than 13 years. He has come a long way in delivering hands on training worldwide and holds the title of Cloudera Instructor of the Year 2016. He has also been a technical reviewer of International conferences’ white papers. His expertise lies in hands on trainings with batch size of more than 20 professionals with demonstrated history of working on projects along with imparting trainings. Skilled in providing scalable cross platform solutions, which focus on customer needs

    Bhavuk Chawla is proud winner of “Power Programmer” in Infosys in the year 2007. He has a number of “Gem Awards” in Sunlife Financial, during his tenure. He has also bagged “Shining Star of the Year” in Sunlife Financial in the year 2007. He was awarded “Made a Difference” by Sapient in the year 2013

    A strong believer of Transformative Learning, Bhavuk has remarkable aptitude for learning cutting edge technologies. His valuable experience of building and managing high-performance innovation driven teams along with his unique teaching style have been a hit amongst various types of participants, which include C-level professionals like CEOs, CTOs, VP technology, Analysts, Administrators, Developers etc. He actively promotes Knowledge Sharing Culture in an Organisation and his passion to think out of the box is contagious

    His expertise lies in Conversational AI, Deep Neural Networks, Spark Core, Spark SQL, Spark Streaming and Spark Machine Learning. He has meticulously designed his trainings around imparting knowledge on various technologies like MapReduce, HDFS, Hive, Crunch, Kafka, Flume, Sqoop, Pig, Hive and Impala. His trainings include Object Oriented Programming with Java, functional programming with Python and Scala, Software Craftsmanship, Machine Learning using Scikit learn, Data Science using Cloudera Datascience Workbench and MapR technologies. His skills in various NoSQL databases including HBase, Solr and competence in Google cloud platform, Talend, Nifi, Docker and Kubernetes, cloudera Search, Oozie make his training a coveted one